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my thoughts ...

As I see it ....

This is the age of consolidations.  Small mobile home parks are being combined to form large portfolios.

Investors are coming together to form groups that can purchase and operate parks that were previously run by "mom and pop" businesses.

As they acquire and combine parks, they will control the rents, conditions and quality of life for the tenants.

Many municipalities are no longer allowing new parks to be developed.  Regulations, higher assessments  and legitimate concerns about storm runoff etc are making it harder for park owners to be profitable.

Mobile home parks offer critical housing for baby boomers who are retiring ... as well as families and veterans.  Jobs certainly aren't plentiful and many people can't qualify for mortgages.  Car payments take away from the income that can be used for housing.

Mobile home parks will always be needed.

Estimates are that 10,000 seniors per day are retiring and many have less than $1,500/month income. 

The average 2 bedroom apartment rents for $1,100/month (nationwide).

Parks that offer lot rents of 300 to 400/month and home payments of 300 to 400/month can fill a very critical need for housing. 

I expect the demand for affordable housing to increase.  We are not in a "bubble".  People will have a lasting need for good, safe, secure and comfortable homes.

I encourage park owners to work on their parks to improve the images.

Warren Buffet believes in mobile home parks.  That's why he bought out Jim Clayton in 2003.

He read Jim Clayton's book on Friday and made him an offer on the next Monday.  I encourage you to read "First A Dream" by Jim Clayton.  They're both wonderful men and if parks are good enough for them, they're certainly good enough for me!  Buy the book from Jim Clayton's website so the proceeds go to charity.  It's also available on his website for free.

I share their work ethics!  I have adopted Jim Clayton's motto of "Learn - Earn - Return".

I'm working with non-profits to offer affordable housing to low income tenants (good people).  Check out the new changes to Section 8 that may make it possible to buy a home with a Section 8 voucher.

I plan to sell Pax Realty to Warren Buffett in 2 years, so hang on!  I'll be creating many opportunities as I enhance the business.

I'm opening a real estate sales office in Saratoga County, NY soon and will have new and used homes available to park owners.

Joyce June, Broker - Pax Realty