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more mobile home parks

My business is expanding. 

I expect to add 10 associate brokers who will recruit agents, so we can offer the most mobile home park listings in NYS.  If you are a licensed real estate agent or associate broker, call me.  You'll be happy with my splits and you won't have MLS dues to pay.

I believe the need for affordable housing will increase and I'm encouraging the growth of "communities".

The image of "trailer parks" is gone forever! 

Heart and soul is going into improving the quality of life for tenants and park owners are taking the next step to update the homes.  I'm working with non-profits and manufacturers to replace the older manufactured homes with new, energy efficient homes.  The world is a greener place than it ever was!

I've got an aggressive listing project going on right now, so call me if you're ready to buy ... or send me an email.

I'm a certified retailer, so I can help you fill up your vacant lots.  I may be willing to put a sales office in your park.  Tenants might be willing to trade their older homes on new ones.  This helps you update your park while keeping your tenants happy.  Happy tenants are long term tenants.

I'm starting a buyer's group that will offer discounts on sheds, garages, picnic tables, bird houses and apple trees.  Every park needs these things!  We'll also offer discounts on services like tree trimming, filling pot holes, entrance signs, white picket fences, lawn mowing, snow plowing, websites, newsletters and much more.

I can work with your tenants to create a happy park.  I may even be able to sell your park to your tenants.

Pax Realty - Joyce June, licensed Real Estate Broker
licensed in NY and SC