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I specialize in the sale of mobile home parks in NY and SC. 

Send me an email so I can add you to my database.  You'll be the first to hear of new listings.

I've sold more than 60 mobile home parks as a one person office. 

I think mobile home parks are a great investment.  

Investors are buying mobile home parks because the rate of return is often better than apartments and they're usually easier to run. The turnover rate is lower. Most tenants are long term.

If you've got the right management team, you can run the park from any state. You'll definitely need eyes and ears in the park, but you can make decisions from any home office.

My suggestions:
1) Formulate your strategy.  Will this be a long term or short term investment for you?

2) How involved do you want to be? Do you need management in place or will you use a property management company?

3) Will you rent units or do you want to stay away from the maintenance that goes with park owned homes?

4) What geographical area works for you? You'll get higher lot rents closer to a major city.  Is the area "friendly" to mobile home parks? Will you consider "cluster" buying?  This involves buying several smaller parks in one area and then managing them with one team (to reach your desired number of lots).

5) Will you consider well and septics or do you need public water with public sewers?

6) What size park can you afford to buy?  Most lenders will require a minimum of 20% down.  Sellers who agree to hold the mortgage may require more down to compensate for the risk.  With 35% down, some lenders will just consider your credit score … without tax returns and other income verification.  With an accepted offer, I'll supply a list of lenders.

7)  Above all ... work with a broker you trust!

Right now, cash buyers are getting terrific deals.

Due to high vacancies, lack of financial records and deferred maintenance, these transactions usually will require cash

I specialize in "under the radar" deals. 

Buying a mobile home park is a great back up plan in today's economy. Job security doesn't exist anymore.

Are you a baby boomer ... ready to retire, but too young to do nothing? I've got parks in resort areas.  Check to see if rental income has an effect on your social security.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Do you have your own airplane? I've got parks next to landing strips. Fly in and fly out easily.

If you're thinking about adding to your portfolio, I can bring you some very good deals.  Let's build a working relationship!

I've got parks from 5 sites to 500 sites.

I'll tell you what to look for and where. My tips could save you thousands of dollars.

If you're a first time buyer, once you hire me as your agent, I'll walk you through the process.

With an accepted offer, I'll give you a list of due diligence items and lenders.

Buy a mobile home park from me and I'll give you a management plan for increasing the income and decreasing the expenses.

I want you to buy your next park from me.  I think parks are a great investment.

If you're thinking about selling your park, I'd like to list it. I have over 1,600 buyers on my database and I'm well connected to lenders, transporters, management companies etc. 

I've sold parks with one phone call and I've taken offers to listing appointments. My marketing will get your information into the right hands.

With today's lending environment, you have to prove your numbers and the park has to look good. 

Park consultations are available.  My normal fee is $350 for a maximum of 4 hours.  I'll assess your current system and staff and give you suggestions on how to improve your park and financials.

If you're tired of surfing and serious about buying a park, call me.

Joyce June, licensed Real Estate Broker - Pax Realty - 607-438-9770